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Experience the magic of storytelling through the versatile artistry of Victoria Prather. As a seasoned on-camera actor and professional voiceover talent, she breathes life into every project, creating captivating and unforgettable moments.

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Turning Ideas into Impact: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Project with Broadcast-Quality Audio Production and Voice Talent Expertise.


Transforming Ideas into Authentic Storytelling: Experience the Difference with a Professional Voice Actor

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Victoria Prather Experience and Professionalism

Victoria is a versatile on-camera actor and seasoned voiceover talent known for her reliability and professionalism. Whether you’re in need of special accents or diverse characters, Victoria consistently delivers.

While her default is the general/standard American accent, she effortlessly transitions to BBC English/RP, Cockney, Southern Belle, “plattdeutsch” or a native New Yorker with a hint of Long Island-ese upon request. Fluent in German, she easily replicates various European accents with authenticity.

voiceover actor - victoria prather
Victoria Prather

Actor | Voiceover Talent
2023 SOVAS Award Nominee

Victoria Prather a blond, blue eyed voice actor in her audio booth, smiles for the camera

professional & trustworthy performances

Elevate your brand’s auditory presence with Victoria Prather’s professional broadcast quality VO services.  Crafting compelling and impactful narratives for a lasting impression on your audience.

Voice Over

Your story, my voice, captivating delivery.

Video Games

Immerse players in captivating audio experiences.

On Camera Actor

Captivating on-camera performances, bringing stories to life.

Animation and Dubbing

Animate worlds with versatile and expressive voices.

Translate German to English

Precision translation, conveying German nuances to English.

Content Creation

Strategic content solutions for brand growth and engagement.

Latest Projects and Updated Resume

Dive into Victoria’s portfolio’s latest gems—where voice and on-camera artistry collide. Each project is a testament to storytelling finesse, with expertly crafted voiceovers and/or compelling on-camera performances.

Explore a fusion of creativity and professionalism that defines her commitment to the craft.

voiceover artist - victoria prather

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VO for Virtual event

victoria prather projects - voice over and on camera

// Voice Over

VO for Video Games

Chosen by Entertainment Industry Producers & Casting Directors Worldwide

Embraced by top industry brands, products, networks and services worldwide, Victoria’s on-camera and voiceover artistry elevates narratives, captivates audiences and defines excellence. Her natural lower-register voice has been described as warm, trustworthy, conversational and friendly – and her character styles are exceptionally versatile.

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What Clients Say About Victoria Prather

Client testimonials speak volumes about Victoria Prather’s unmatched talent and dedication.

Discover what clients are saying, as they share their experiences with her exceptional on-camera presence and captivating voiceover versatility.

Victoria Prather's on-camera charisma is truly magnetic. Her voiceover work is exceptional, bringing depth and emotion to our project. A pleasure to collaborate with.

Sarah Thompson

My whole team loved working with Victoria. Her voice is great, she takes direction well, and her equipment is high quality. Would absolutely hire Victoria again!

Annie (BCBS Alabama)

It has been a pleasure collaborating with Victoria: she is professional, delivers in time and her recordings always met our expectations. Would definitely recommend working with her. Thank you Victoria!

Sigismond (V123)

How to start a project with Victoria Prather - Voiceover Artist & On-Camera Actor

Launching your project with Victoria Prather is seamless. From concept to execution, embark on a journey of creativity as this seasoned voiceover artist transforms your vision into captivating audio excellence.

Consult Your Project

Collaborate to refine your vision. Discuss goals, style, and nuances, ensuring a tailored approach for your project’s success. 


Recording Your Project

Step into the studio with confidence -with expertise that captures your narrative and delivers a professional, captivating voiceover for your project.


Get Your Result

Experience the magic unfold. Receive your polished project, transformed by skill, ready to captivate and resonate with your audience.

Ready to Go To Market!

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